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Debbie Seddon-Laninga

Brigid's Balm Thanadoula Services

When inviting someone into your family scenario during times of celebration or during times of stress it is best to know a bit about them first! This way you will be able to determine whether their personality is a good fit with your family dynamic, enabling you to make the best decision regarding hiring this person for the services they offer.

I am the mother of four wonderful sons, two daughters, three cats and a beloved Labrador. I love country living and am looking forward to more rural living in the very near future, as my husband and I are in the process of building our home! Walks in the country, light gardening, camping and fishing are all activities I enjoy very much.

I love fibre arts, working with raw fleece through the process of picking and cleaning, spinning, dying, knitting and weaving. I have two weaving looms, four knitting machines, a huge assortment of hand knitting needles, five spinning wheels and a few sewing machines. I love to follow patterns while knitting, but also receive great enjoyment creating patterns and designs of my own. My present home does not support the space required for my large floor loom but I am starting to work once again with my table top four shaft loom, and am quite enjoying that process.

I love to work with natural products, making my own soap and body care products, growing herbs, learning about crystals and alternative therapies. I hold my First and Second Degrees as a Reiki practitioner. I practice qui gong and tai chi, as well as yoga, in my home (on an almost daily basis!) and also practice walking the labyrinth, meditation and mindfulness and find that to be a great benefit. As a compassionate caregiver I do what I can to enable those experiencing loss of independence a sense of control as they assist with their own caregiving to whatever degree possible, whether that be providing input into the type of care they receive, 

to discussing possible outcomes in the future, outlining their wishes regarding final care plans, and bringing their hopes and fears into the open where we can discuss them in order to find viable solutions. I encourage partnership-centered care, in that the individual is supported by a team of family, friends, neighbours and professional caregivers, all with the client's best interests at heart and keeping them involved in the caregiving plan.

I love my work as a Thanadoula and a Life Cycle Celebrant. I love sharing with others as they experience joys in their lives and creating ceremonies that are personalized and memorable for those involved. I am grateful to be called upon to assist with families as their loved ones approach end of life and ready to transition through death. The sacredness of that time is very special and I feel honoured to share in those moments. Creating a memorial celebration, or a celebration of life, that has meaning for the family brings me a sense of gratitude that I was selected to share in this sacred time, and that I was able to offer words of comfort, love and sharing to those who cared for the one deceased. Bringing together family, friends and community to share in times of happiness and mourning is an important event, and I take my work very seriously.

Opening my office this summer has been an exciting step forward. As a member of The Soul Space community in Smiths Falls, I held a private office where clients can meet with me to discuss the many services I provide, including advanced care plans, legacy work, caregiving arrangements, vigil arrangements, memorials or celebrations of life, and generally discuss any questions they may have with regard to end of life care. The Soul Space also provides a peaceful venue where workshops and seminars can be held - with parking space! I will begin holding Death Cafes on the third Thursday of every month commencing in October 2019. Due to the changes inflicted upon us regarding social isolation and lockdown, I was forced to close my office in April 2020 but continue to work from my home. I look forward to a continuing relationship with The Soul Space and intend to hold future workshops and seminars at this location.

My life is full. It brings me great joy to offer my experience, my comfort, my understanding and compassion to those who may be in need of my abilities, and I am grateful to be of service. As a certified Thanadoula, Life Cycle Celebrant and Spiritual Counselor I hope you will consider Brigid's Balm Thanadoula Services to assist you in whatever aspect you or your family may require. I look forward to meeting you!

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